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Featuring exclusive Free Design remixes & reinterpretations by:

*Kid Koala & Dynomite D.
*Styrofoam & Sarah Shannon
*Koushik & Dudley Perkins
*Plus, two original Free Design bonus tracks!

Proving that the musical universe is indeed cyclical, the third and final installment of The Free Design Redesigned series comes to a full-circle with another assortment of contemporary notables up for the challenge of reinterpreting selections from The Free Design’s staggering catalog.

Witness turntable virtuoso Kid Koala & Beastie Boys/Modest Mouse remixer Dynomite D. transform “An Elegy” into a baroque jazz-infused bomb, deftly cutting the haunting vocals into the moody mix, while Morr Music’s Styrofoam & Sarah Shannon (formerly of Velocity Girl) beautifully rework the 1968 classic “I Found Love” into a fuzzed-out summer-feeling anthem. Stones Throw artists Koushik & Dudley Perkins’ “Don’t Cry Baby” (plus instrumental) brings an even bigger smile to the original with chopped-up break beats, soulful laidback vocals from Perkins, and a taste of The Free Design’s original.

As a special bonus, Volume 3 sees three original Free Design gems making their vinyl debut. “To A Black Boy” is an unreleased standout so skillfully manipulated by Grey Album/Gorillaz producer Danger Mouse and Def Jux legend Murs on Volume 2. “Don’t Cry Baby (Paddy’s Reprise)” is a remix exclusive to this edition. Rounding out the EP is a unique slice of early ’70s pop culture exposing the jingle writing skills of Chris Dedrick for none other than Chapstick.