Nicholas Leone

Beach Rats OST

Release Notes
  • Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl

Mondo and NEON are proud to present Nicholas Leone’s terrific synth score to Eliza Hittman’s film BEACH RATS.

Beach Rats is a criminally underseen coming of age movie set in Brooklyn and deals with sexual awaking and bisexuality in an utterly beautiful and human way. The score compliments the film perfectly, Nick Leon delivers a spellbinding, magical, ambient score filled with emotion and dreamlike wonder, it’s a reminder to the listener of softer Boards Of Canada style ambience and the recent ravenous appetite for Japanese ambient reissues of the 80s and compliments the deft touch and dreamy atmosphere of the film perfectly. As a piece of music away from the film it could easily be at home on warp records and is a must listen for fans of chilled out electronica with incredible melodies.