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Various Artists

Elvira's Haunted Hills

Release Notes
  • First Time Available On Vinyl
  • Original Artwork By Olivia & Steven Wild
  • Limited Edition Vinyl Reissue
  • Remastered For Vinyl
  • Track Listing curated in sequential order for the first time by composer Eric Allaman and Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson
  • First time Le Music Hall (performed by Elvira) available on the format
Elvira's Haunted Hills
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Elvira's Haunted Hills
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Elvira's Haunted Hills
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Enjoy The Ride Records and Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark in conjunction with Queen “B” Productions are happy to announce the release of Elvira’s Haunted Hills, on vinyl for the very first time. The original motion picture score, composed by Eric Allaman, features the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra – the album has been long out of print and sought after by many Elvira fans for years. Enjoy The Ride Records collaborated with Allaman, who decided to rearrange the album for the optimal listening experience. The tracklisting has been curated in sequential order for single LP by composer Eric Allaman and Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson. The front cover is the original artwork by Olivia, but also features new back cover artwork created by the Enjoy The Ride Records Team.