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black tape for a blue girl

remnants of a deeper purity

Release Notes
  • 2-LP 140 gram on swirled burgundy color vinyl
  • 8-page 11-inch-square booklet includes additional candid photographs from the Remnants-era
  • Includes download code of the entire original 77 minute album (the first 9 tracks on the player to the left)
  • Remastered-for-vinyl in Europe from original DAT mixes
  • Limited edition of 150

1996’s achingly beautiful gothic, neo-classical, ethereal album on vinyl! Long droning deep tones overlayed by intense vocals from Oscar and Lucian as well as rich cello and violin arrangements from Vicki and Mera. The results are deeply mesmerizing and melancholy passages. The finished 77-minute album is Black tape’s masterpiece: exquisite and stunning. Wrapped up in the emotions of betrayal and salvation, searching for the deeper fragments of a truer reality — somewhere between sadness and hope — Sam’s words and harmonies weave a soft, opaque veil over a world where feeling is foremost, emotions on the surface, the heart laid bare.