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The Free Design

The Free Design Redesigned Volume 1

Release Notes

Featuring exclusive Free Design remixes by:

  • Madlib
  • Belle & Sebastian’s Chris Geddes & Hush Puppy
  • Peanut Butter Wolf
  • Sharpshooters
  • Mellow (composers of Roman Coppola’s CQ soundtrack)

Artwork Correction: The Free Design’s Bruce Dedrick wrote the original song “Umbrellas,” not Chris Dedrick

In the ‘60s, The Free Design played perfect pop. Today, to celebrate the reissue of the sweet sounding band’s acclaimed catalog, Light In The Attic along with several contemporary tunesmiths aim to improve upon perfection with The Free Design Redesigned remix series.

Volume One in the series begins with five acts eager to honor The Free Design: Peanut Butter Wolf, the Los Angeles based turntable titan and owner of Stones Throw Records (his first solo material in ages!); Seattle’s legendary crate-diggers the Sharpshooters; the ultimate beat conductor and Blue Note recording artist Madlib; twee kings Belle & Sebastian’s Chris Geddes and DJ Hush Puppy; and the psych-friendly French group Mellow (composers of Roman Coppola’s “CQ” Soundtrack). With fresh takes on classic tracks, these artists create The Free Design Redesigned, Volume One – first in a series of 12-inch E.P.’s…