The Alan Parsons Project

Eye In The Sky

Arista AL-9599
Release Notes
  • 180 gram LP w/ Standard Sleeve
  • Recording: 1981 at Abbey Road Studios, London, by Alan Parsons

Tracked at Abbey Road, where Alan Parsons had worked with the Beatles and Pink Floyd as a young engineer, Eye In The Sky reflected the same strong attention to detail that went into the rest of the group’s discography. While the co-producer Eric Woolfson wrote songs, Parsons – who had an uncanny feeling for sound – conjured up a lush mélange of synthetic and natural sounds.

As with all albums from the early years, “Eye In The Sky” is inspired by important topics of the times. True to the ‘no-future lifestyle’ of the 80s, the songs impart a somewhat depressive character which serves as a stark contrast to the steely rock rhythms, free from electronic gimmicks. In addition one finds addictive harmony in the vocal polyphony (“Gemini”), blaring brass with a Spanish rhythm (“Silence And I”) and a velvety string sound (“Old And Wise”). All in all a great achievement by the British wizard of sound at the mixing console.