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Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones

Have Moicy!

LITA 061
Release Notes
  • First ever reissue on vinyl for this legendary 1976 recording
  • Members of the Holy Modal Rounders make this album especially wacky and freaky
  • Freshly re-mastered, this LP sounds better than the CD which was mastered two decades ago
  • 180 gram LP housed in Stoughton tip-on old school type jacket including faithfully reproduced original artwork by Michael Hurley

Tracing the lineage and citing the fore-bearers of the New Weird America, one can’t help but mention the music of bizarre folk singer/guitarist/artist Michael Hurley. If you haven’t been following his career since the 1970’s (when he was collaborating with the likes of the Holy Modal Rounders and Jesse Colin Young) then you probably discovered him in the past couple of years via Devendra Banhart’s & Andy Cabic’s label Gnomonsong, who have released Hurley’s recent recordings.

This 1976 LP, Have Moicy!, a collaboration with the Unholy Modal Rounders and Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones, was named “the greatest folk album of the rock era” by The Village Voice’s Robert Christgau. The extra songwriters on Have Moicy! broaden the worldview: Hurley is comfy, Jeffrey Frederick has a bitter streak, and Antonia of the Holy Modal Rounders has her mind on sex and drugs, while Peter Stampfel is his usual brand of wacko.