Harry "Sweets" Edison & Earl Hines

Earl Meets Harry

Release Notes
  • LP x 1 standard sleeve
  • Recorded April 26, 1978 at Studio Sinus , Berne, Switzerland

Leave it to European labels like Black & Blue to come up with inspired pairings of musicians who American labels never seem to get around to considering. This 1978 meeting between pianist Earl Hines and trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison is a match of masters, covering tunes they had likely performed hundreds of times in their respective careers.

Everything seems to gel in the opening track, a strident take of “I Cover the Waterfront,” with plenty of trills by Hines in support of Edison’s brilliant open horn. Edison adds a mute for an exquisite, deliberate take of “Just Squeeze Me” and a sauntering “But Not for Me.” Hines’ dancing tenths come to the forefront in their romp through "Just You, Just Me”.

There is nothing like two veterans at the top of their game joining forces for a record date. Ken Dryden/AMG