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Yom & the wonder Rabbis

You Will Never Die!

Release Notes
  • 180gm vinyl
  • Sleeve designed by artist Jim Skull
  • Heavyweight sleeve with gloss finish

Seven years after their inaugural album, With Love, the return of Yom and his acolytes, the Wonder Rabbis, for a trip to the heart of raw energy, primal and bubbling, with a massive sound, to make people dance again . Primitive and tribal strength, powerful sap, dark, shamanic, subterranean and magmatic sound bubbling, that would burst from the bowels of the earth and the musicians’ inner fire.

Of course, against the ecological excesses and the carnage announced, the magic of music has very little power: a drop of water yet salvation that Yom distills with a strong energy and love. Through its trance and its carnival-like tendencies, this disc with psychedelic accents, with metaphysical and cathartic virtues, questions, without pretension and with humor, the life and its opposite, as revealed by the retained visual: a skull aesthétisé, variegated, work of Jim Skull, a work that integrates the macabre dimension in the heart of a world that dances.