Josh Tuininga

Dream On

Release Notes
  • ‘Dream On’ A bedtime story for music lovers
  • Take a journey through decades of Classic Rock and R&B music

After an argument with her mother, a girl goes to sleep with the radio on. The boombox narrates each scene, taking the main character on a journey throughout the night. An eclectic mix of historical song titles- chosen carefully for variety, significance, and poignancy, guide the character through a series of dreams. Each sleep position echoes a dream sequence, making the journey a unique meld of real life and fantasy. Hidden background details such as changing band posters, and references to other relevant music, can be discovered on each additional read.

Have you ever had a time when music was your only friend? ‘Dream On’ pays tribute to decades of classic rock and R&B music through the story of a mother and daughter finding common ground. Part graphic anthology, part bedtime story, ‘Dream On’ is an adventure for music fans of all ages.