Various Artists

Celeste B-Sides

Release Notes
  • Available on White & Blue Vinyl
  • Featuring remixes and renditions of the music from the VGM Celeste
  • Includes music by composers such as Chordslayer, FTL, Healing, and more…
Celeste B-Sides
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At long last, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present Celeste B-Sides as a special vinyl edition. Featuring every song from the cassette release plus a bonus track, the jacket for this release is printed on metallic stock, so it’ll shimmer just like the aurora ✨

Remixes & arrangements as featured in the game Celeste by Matt, Noel, Amora, Pedro, Lena, Kevin & friends!

Featuring music by the composers of Chordslayer, FTL, Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, Healing, Read-Only Memories, Nuclear Throne, Singularity, and Opus Magnum.