Banko Woman

Release Notes
  • Nigerian soul funk with a powerful sound and earthy feeling
  • For fans of Osibisa, Assagai, Akwassa, Mixed Grill, Santana
  • Filled to the last groove with catchy tunes that feature awesome harmonies
  • An original affair for fans of groovy Nigerian 70s afro funk
  • Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
  • First rerelease on vinyl and CD
  • Fully licensed
  • Remastered audio
  • LP housed in a superheavy 430g art carton cover
  • CD housed in a beautiful digipak
  • Ultimate collectors item for fans of classic 70s afro funk rock

Heaven sent from Nigeria’s tumultuous east, The Apostles have been preaching a particular blend of funky psychedelic soul/rock fusion for over forty years. On Banko Woman they threw a little Afrobeat into the mix, creating an Afro-Funk disco bomb that has been energising dance floors ever since. The title track finds the band at the height of their powers. Stung by the acclaim Felix ‘Feladay’ Odey got for the searing guitar lead on ‘Never Too Late’, Walton Arungwa is a man possessed, trading licks with keyboardist Benjamin Nnamdi Davidson and sounding all the world like a Nigerian Carlos Santana. The players in the rhythm section, Henry Asu Tandu, Chicago Nwoha and Harrison Mba, are tight and relentless, keeping their heads so everyone else can lose theirs. Of course, you don’t stay successful as long as The Apostles without giving the audience what they want. On Banko Woman, that’s a country song for mum and dad (‘Mr Too Know’) and a couple of earnest, plaintive tracks for emotional challenged chaps to dedicate to their girlfriends (‘Yours Sincerely’ and ‘Friend Today, Enemy Tomorrow’). You also finish on a high. ‘Disciple Funk’, is almost a religious experience, an 8-minute long instrumental wig that will have you flipping the record back to side one and starting all over again. – Peter Moore