• Limited 180gm LP (hand-numbered) – 1,000 copies

This 1972 LP reissue from Stringtronics offers a genuinely psych/baroque exploration, that could be considered the missing link between David Axelrod’s “Song of Innocence” and Ennio Morricone’s Sergio Leone period, with a light exotic touch. It features an astonishing dynamic 6-track suite, written and conducted by the versatile virtuoso Barry Forgie. Stringtronics also gives stunning ethno-lounge music from famous French composers Nino Nardini & Roger Roger.

Stringtronics: a really “Must have” for lovers of electric harpsichord, bongo, balalaika, guitar bass, electric piano, conga, sitar guitar, violin, cello, and electronic effects (among others). The music contained herein is artistically brilliant, and comes from the original master tapes. It includes an exclusive interview with Barry Forgie, the very soul of the project.