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The Loire Valley Calypsos

Vs The Great Pink Flamingo

Release Notes
  • French band playing music from the Caribbean islands like nobody else does
  • Second album, more electric
  • Special guest : René Lacaille, well known musician from La Reunion island * sunny, dancing, happy

Here how is pre titled the new album of The Loire Valley Calypsos, four adventurers of music. Conceived as an authentic B movie of spies fighting super villains, « TLVC Vs The Great Pink Flamingo » travels from island to island, from one ocean to another, and even takes some astonishing cosmic detours.

We find this spirit in the way that The Loire Valley Calypsos perform this popular caribbean music from the 50s 60s called calypso, adding every influences of world music they love and they spread through their own label, MaAuLa Records.

This LP is vintage, dancing, sunny, festive, funny. A tropical music that sways and bends to the trance.

Featured some good guests : well known Reunion Island musician René Lacaille on the accordion, the woman singer from Lord Rectangle, Jimmy Virani on the theremin and Marc Barotte on percussions.
An album that NASA will probably send through the universe to represent the spirit of party on earth.