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Release Notes
  • Pressed on purple meets gold colored vinyl

The queens of dark idol metal are back with their third album to date!

Considered one of the most hard-working independant band in Japan, Necronomidol teams up again with Specific Recordings for the vinyl release of Voidhymn, an opus maximus that sees the band pushing the boundaries of its music even further than before.

Hot on the heels of two european tours as well as two US tours (both coasts + selected festivals), the girls have asked none other than Dan Terminus (famous synthwave producer), Kazuma Hashida (from You’ll Melt More fame) or Mr. Perkele (from the Japanese punk band Poikkeus) to write and produce ten unforgettable songs that definitely puts Necronomidol at the forefront of the evergrowing idol metal scene.

2019 will see the band broadens its stage appetite with bigger European, Asian and US tours planned as more souls will gather to see the band plays worldwide.