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N'draman Blintch

Cosmic Sounds

Release Notes
  • First official reissue of one of the rarest African funk albums ever

Recorded in 1980 in both Lagos and London with some of the best session musicians from that era (Gasper Lawal on drums, Carol Kenyon on vocals, Justin Tchatchoua on bass, Harry Mosco on production duties etc), ‘Cosmic Sounds’ was wrongly considered for a long time as a Willian Onyeabor production. Inspired by soul, funk, boogie and disco as much as Juju and traditional music, this 4 tracks album features 10 minutes long psychedelic songs full of insane synth action, drum breaks and afro militant lyrics. The original vinyl was pressed in small quantity at the time and is nearly impossible to find these days. Beloved by the finest connoisseurs of the genre, ‘Cosmic Sounds’ is a true piece of art that sounds like nothing else ever recorded before and after.