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Jules-Henry Malaki

Makiyaj / Tes Idées

Release Notes
  • First reissue of 2 early nineties zouk bangers
  • Kills any dance floor

Following the Retro Zouk mixtapes series (, Secousse proudly presents its first official vinyl rerelease of a long lost Zouk banger.

Originally released in 1993-1994, those two tracks have been road-tested in various clubs and parties for months and the feedback is clear: it is dancefloor devastation business.

Their author is Jules-Henry Malaki, an established and self produced artist from Guadeloupe, a French overseas island in the Southern Carribbean sea.

As the popularity of Zouk music keeps growing every day in Europe, America and Asia, just whisper the name ‘Makiyaj’ to any of the best DJs from the current tropical diggers scene and watch their eyes scintillate… This secret weapon shall not remain secret very long.


Jules-Henry Malaki was born in the early Sixties in Guadeloupe, an French overseas island in the Southern Caribbean Sea.

He started his music career at 19 in the band ‘Message’, and then joined the successful ‘Batako’ band with whom he recorded six albums and toured all over the world.

He released ten solo albums between 1987 and 1999, including Compte à Rebours in 1993 (which included A-side ‘Makiyaj’) and Tes Idées in 1994 (including the B-side).

He has collaborated with the best artists from the Zouk scene, including Jocelyn Berouard, Jean Claude Naimro and Jean-Philippe Marthely of Kassav fame, Jean Paul Pognon from La Perfecta, Pascal Latour, Frédéric Caracas, Edith Lefel, Eric Brouta…

Today Jules-Henry Malaki still lives in the same neighborhood where he was born in Guadeloupe, still plays music and runs a recordshop, Sunshine Boutique.