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Trust Obey

Fear & Bullets (The Crow Comic Accompaniment in conjunction with James O' Barr)

Release Notes
  • 25 year anniversary reissue of The Crow official comic accompaniment in conjunction with James O’Barr which has a been a highly sought after item to collectors & long time fans of The Crow series.
  • First time available in retail stores
  • Limited edition Pressing of 300 copies on Clear with Black Smoke
  • Comes housed in 400gsm Jacket with exclusive poster of James O’Barr’s “first-ever Crow drawing from 1980"
  • Features previously unreleased bonus tracks
Fear & Bullets (The Crow Comic Accompaniment in conjunction with James O' Barr)
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Fear And Bullets is a soundtrack album created by John Bergin (Trust Obey) and James O’Barr (creator of The Crow) to accompany The Crow comic book.

The album was included with a special edition of The Crow graphic novel originally published by Kitchen Sink Press and Graphitti Designs in 1994. The album was also released as a stand-alone CD in 1998.

To celebrate Fear And Bullets’ 25 year anniversary Enjoy The Ride Records is releasing a special vinyl edition curated by John Bergin. The vinyl collects a “Best-Of” of songs from the original releases, is newly-remastered, and includes two unreleased tracks.

Each album comes housed in a 400gsm jacket with black flood printing on the inside & black poly liner inner sleeve. Additional bonus content only here are: liner notes and an exclusive poster of James O’Barr’s “first-ever Crow drawing from 1980.” This is a must have collector item for any crow fan that is truly to die for!

John Bergin:

“In 1989 Caliber Comics published the first issue of The Crow comic book by James O’Barr. Shortly after that James and I met. This was about the same time Caliber was publishing my comic book series, Ashes. James and I were instant fans of each other’s work. The first time I read The Crow, I wanted to make a soundtrack for the book. The music was right there, so apparent to me. The dialog, the scraps of poetry between chapters, even the chapter titles themselves read like great song lyrics. I mentioned the idea of a comic book soundtrack to James, and around 1990 we began working on it.

I composed most of the music to accompany specific scenes from the comic. When it was time to write lyrics, James and I simply turned to the book and read through the scene I’d just scored. In most cases, all the text on those pages fell right into place as song lyrics.

Long before the first Crow film was made and long before the special reissues of the Crow comic books were published, James O’Barr and I envisioned this soundtrack. The true sound of The Crow. A soundtrack for a black-and-white indy comic book no one had heard of, published from the back-office of a comic book store in Detroit, Michigan.

It’s been quite a trip down memory lane putting this special edition together. I know Crow fans enjoy it.