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Luk Thung! The Roots Of Thai Funk: ZudRangMa Vol. 3
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That sweltering heat generates a looser vibe on this third Thai Funk volume, continuing to mine the untapped grooves some of Southeast Asia’s forgotten stars who balanced traditional sounds with reedy, fuzzy, funk n roll. This limited edition third volume, The Roots of Thai Funk, is packaged in bamboo to signify its importance to Thailand where it prevalently grows, and comes with a cool fold-out poster of the record jackets to the artists on the comp, whose songs have a superior sound quality than the first volumes.

But there’s always the occasional pop to remind you where exactly these recordings came from (vinyl records), and Kangwanprai Lukpetch’s “Chan Yak Kah Mia (I Want To Kill My Wife).” They are from the rural country-sides and less populated regions of Thailand, and made for a unique twist to the overall sound, where more traditional vocal chorus’ and homemade stringed instruments, like the next sound that Beirut guy will start to incorporate into his work. Some cuts even build from traditional percussive rhythms and what could be its own region’s polka, into snaking, wanking, swanky woman-child voodoo psych (Rungfah Puping’s “Puyai Lee Santana (Chief Lee Santana)”. Solid stuff, and dare I say it “essential” to any and all interested in culling precious artifunks from Sourtheast Asia.