Anton Dobson featuring the Gregory Brothers (Schmoyo)

Bed Intruder & Various Other YouTube Hits (UK/EU RSD Exclusive)

Release Notes
  • Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
  • First time physical release on any format
  • Limited edition Bandana Red Vinyl
  • Has over 140 MILLION streams on youtube & over 1.5 million on spotify
  • Features 5 HITS from the “Autotune The News” crew including Bed Intruder & Double Rainbow * Brand new themed artwork

“Bed Intruder Song” is a song by The Gregory Brothers and Antoine Dodson, featuring Kelly Dodson.1 The song, created by Auto-Tune the News, features processed vocals of a WAFF-48 news interview with Antoine Dodson, who was talking to a reporter about a home invasion and attempted rape of his sister Kelly,2 mixed with a self-created backing track and, eventually, a video which incorporated clips from the news broadcast. The song peaked at number 89 in the Billboard Hot 100,3 the only song that week to enter the chart on iTunes downloads only.4 The original music video for “Bed Intruder Song”[note 1] went viral,5 becoming YouTube’s most popular video of 2010.67 As of November 2017, it has been viewed over 138,012,173 times and has received 949,317 likes since it was uploaded on July 30, 2010.8910 On March 26, 2011, the song won the Comedy Award for Best Viral Original