Tone Spliff

Ardore Melodico

Release Notes
  • Pressed on green double vinyl

Los Angeles based DJ and Producer Tone Spliff drops his full-length LP Ardore Melodico (roughly translating to ‘blazing melody’). Grounded in an east coast sound and steeped in tradition with an ever-present emphasis on the DJ, Tone links up with some talented emcees to deliver a solid album. Sounding like a beast on the drum machine and the 1’s and 2’s, it’s apparent Tone Spliff has some skills to flex on his latest project.

The beat-creator, originally from Utica, NY, said he made around 70 beats between February and April of 2017. He then started hitting up emcees he’s worked with in the past and new emcees he wanted to work with for the album. Tone details that “All of these tracks were made in 2018, so some of them have only been stashed for a few months.”

The subtlety of his samples may not always create an element of tension, but his beats aren’t necessarily meant to be ominous or dark. The intention is fun and nostalgic or almost sentimental. Do not confuse fun and nostalgia with soft or cute, though. These are pure east coast beats with a heavy emphasis on dope lyrics and some serious scratching. The old heads will, no doubt, get a kick out of trying to name the joints that Tone pulls from for his vocal scratches.

Tone shows he can slice and scratch dope vocal samples and also produce bangers with some of the game’s biggest talents and brightest young spitters. The album is full of sharp cuts and scratches and a must cop on vinyl.

You may have heard songs played on DJ Premier’s “Live from HeadQuarterz” or DJ Eclipse/DJ Riz “Rap Is Outta Control” on SirusXM radio. Additionally, songs have been played on Chuck D’s radio show on Rap Station by Hip Hop Gods and various online shows where dope Hip Hop is played.

The project features: Big Shug (Gang Starr), Realio Sparkzwell, Ill Conscious, Ren Thomas, Supreme Cerebral, Zagnif Nori, Recognize Ali, C Rayz Walz, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Kool Taj The Gr8, Localblac, Shabaam Sahdeeq (Rawkus Records), Suezar, Tha God Fahim, Daniel Son, Ed O.G., Born Talent, Pace Won (Outsidaz), Solomon Childs (Wu Tang), Illa Ghee (Mobb Deep), Kool Sphere, Young Lo & Ruste Juxx (Boot Camp Clik).