This mythical and rare record, also known as “You Only Love Once” , the title of its English pressing, is quite simply one of the most wonderful soundtracks of the 60s. A shining, precious jewel which unabashed, accepts its comparison with the so British elegance of another masterpiece, the famous “Bedazzled” by Dudley Moore, released in the same era. Effectively, the two records share the same disconcerting melodic agility, a taste for crafted pop ornamentations and unfailingly inventive instrumentation. An accomplished jazz pianist, Loussier gives free reign to his virtuosity and has fun creating the most luscious tracks taking on exuberant and often unique formats. Brilliantly shifting from ethereal theme to spellbinding melody and a series of electronic jerks which doesn’t disown the Henry/Colombier duo (the winning quartet for “Ballet Photo Rouge”, “Poursuite Jaguar”, “Leslie’s Jerk” and “Clara’s Jerk”), Loussier also allows himself some sweet but heavy going easy listening and bossa tracks, while keeping a tight reign within the realms of a delicate, subtly pop-tinged jazz of which only he knows the secret. And so, prepare yourself to discover a flamboyant, crazily classy record, the perfect embodiment of the elegance of the swingin’ sixties.