Piero Umiliani

La Schiava Io Ce L'ho E Tu

Release Notes
  • 2xLP Gatefold 180gr.
  • Limited Edition 550 copies

Thanks to the partnership between roman labels and distributors Cometa Edizioni Musicali, Beat Records and Four Flies Records, finally it came up from the archives one of the most iconic and much-needed work by Piero Umiliani. Recorded at Ortophonic studios in Rome in September 1973, La schiava io ce l’ho e tu no is the original soundtrack of a Giorgio Capitani’s movie with Lando Buzzanca and Chaterine Spaak, known everywhere as one of the most sought-after productions from the famous Italian composer, and whose original LP has now considered as a kind of holy grail among the most serious worldwide record diggers. The reason is maybe the magnificent quality of the composition and the arrangements, written by the Maestro himself, who reaches here one of his top-level creative peaks ever. His music is the quintessential Italian sound for 70’s sophisticated comedy: an unmistakable flavor now carved into our imagination, between samba-bossa rhythms, funk guitars, dynamic and airy strings, but most of all, those brilliant choirs, always functional in relation to movie’s mood (performed by ominpresent “Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni” here in a leading role). They truly represent, together with the sensual vocalism by Edda Dell’Orso, the real ID card of a whole genre. The release of this double LP makes us really proud, not only because it brings to light one of the most fresh and topical soundtracks of Piero Umiliani, but also because, after a long and patient research work, we have had the chance to locate the original master tapes with the complete recording sessions of the soundtrack.

That’s why we present here, besides the original tracklist of the LP, 23 tracks never released before on every format, that reveal reveal Umiliani’s eclecticism in composing, with his capability to vary greatly from jazz to funk, from easy listening to symphony. Personal memories by Umiliani’s daughters enrich this edition with their contribution to liner notes, giving us a familiar and intimate perspective about composer’s private life.