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Orchestra Di Enrico Simonetti

Blue Frog…and Others

LPH 8004
Release Notes
  • RSD Black Friday 2018 Exclusive Release
  • Features key members of Goblin
  • First ever reissue of this 1975 jam filled with great instrumental orchestral funk
  • Limited to 500 copies
  • Pressed on transparent blue wax
Blue Frog…and Others
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Published in 1975 and never reissued until today, “Blue Frog… and others” is a 10-song LP in which composer Enrico Simonetti, father of Claudio from Goblin, wrote all five tracks on side A together with Nicola De Vincenti and directed the orchestra in the whole record. The result is excellent, with a first ‘animal side’ with obvious musical references to animal sounds (the song titles leave no room for any doubt: Blue Frog, Water Snake, Lady Murmaid, Moonlight Fish and… Hally Gator!) and a second one consisting of cover songs of popular themes, all blended in an orchestral funk-pop context, well played and recorded.

What makes this release even more interesting is the presence, among the musicians, of Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli, Massimo Morante and Walter Martino: in short, the complete Goblin line-up of “Profondo Rosso”!!! A real treat then, for fans of Goblin and soundtracks in particular; this reissue makes available again a record which, until now, was almost impossible to find outside the circle of vinyl rarities collectors. Not to be missed! PRESSED ON BLUE TANSPARENT COLOR VINYL & LIMITED TO 500 COPIES FOR RSD BLACK FRIDAY.