I Told You So

Release Notes
  • Korean Import
  • 24bit 96kHz remastered from the original master tapes
  • 180g heavy weight vinyl on porcelain color
  • Gate-folded sleeve with 4 page color insert
I Told You So
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I Told You So
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This is the monumental psychedelic / progressive rock album by the 5-piece band Locust, who burst onto the scene by winning the 3rd ‘Youth Gayo Festival’ held by TBC in 1981. Produced by Sanullim’s Kim Chang-hwan, this is the only album by Locust, a band that is categorized as a belonging to the so-called ‘campus group sound’. Fronted by the colorfully expressive vocals of Kim Tae-min, the band’s sound sets it apart and above those of its contemporary ‘campus’ units, with lyrics that explore an aesthetic darkness beyond a youthful fantasticality, and symphonic song structures built around psychedelic guitars and keyboards. Although less well-known compared to the successful ‘I Told You So’, ‘Shadows’ and ‘Night Path’ are brilliantly crafted prog-rock style works that are must-listen tracks. This is what Sanullim might have sounded like if it were to fuse with the Savage Rose and Sandrose. This album is a unique expression of Korean 1980s rock that is hard to find elsewhere in the world.