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Die Hexen

The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Release Notes
  • Released on black heavyweight vinyl under a pale, turned blood-red moon

David Holmes was drawn to DIE HEXEN by their “magical sensibility that has both shades of dark and light, which is something that always appeals to me in music”. After featuring in his edition of the famed Late Night Tales compilation with a take on the original suicide song ‘Gloomy Sunday’, DIE HEXEN returns to expand upon their dark ambient journey towards transcendence with an eagerly awaited debut album.

DIE HEXEN’s genre eschewing synth driven compositions draw inspiration from the disturbing beauty of Hieronymus Bosch’s artwork and several brushes with death, evoking a spirit who traverses realms of the underworld to bring forth knowledge of an Ancient past and in doing so, to reveal the not so distant future.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights transports the listener through strange visions of darkness, beauty, creation, destruction, death & rebirth. An exorcism of body, gender, tribe towards a place of ultimate transcendence.

Somewhat of a polymath, DIE HEXEN has already shown their prowess with live performances part music/part performance art spectacle, as an avant-garde filmmaker and as an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and film scorer.

DIE HEXEN’s divergent interests from Japanese Butoh theatre to Wiccanism, Shamanism, celestial mysticism and time travel informs their method, as they explain themself; “The compositions I write are not written, at least not by me. They appear to me as audio/visual hallucinations. I can hear, visualise, and feel the whole composition before me. My hands know instinctively what notes to play and like a stream of consciousness, voices emerge. Having suffered severe head trauma that resulted in a heightening of the senses, the theme of death is an increasingly present theme in my work. With this, my perception of death and what is beyond changes as I contort between this world and the next physically and mentally, musically and visually. Working with music or film, my vision is one. The calling to express these auditory hallucinations is inevitable”.