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Franco Lee Ezute

Onye Kata Obia


The 1970s and 80s saw the rise of the Ukwuani style in Nigerian highlife. A funky fusion of the laidback, mellifluous guitar lines characteristic of Igbo highlife with the rugged, animated rhythm section of Edo dance music, the sound was a sensation that made stars of musicians like Rogana Ottah, Steady Arobby, King Love A.U., Bob Fred and Chief John Okpor. One of the most consistent players in this field, though, was General Franco Lee Ezute, leader of the Harmony Kings International Band.

Bongo Joe is proud to present this deluxe reissue of Onye Kata Obia, one of the Harmony Kings’ most underrated albums. Full of electrifying guitar work and intoxicating rhythms, it is sure to keep the crowd dancing!