Minako Yoshida

In Motion

Release Notes
  • 1st analogue re-issue since original release
  • Horns arranged by Yasuaki Shimizu (Kakashi).
  • Comes with a lyrics/credits insert and a liner notes insert
  • Single Jacket with Obi Strip
  • Remastered by original sound engineer Tamotsu Yoshida from original master
  • Cutting Engineer by Bernie Grundman
  • Pressed at Quality Record Pressing (US)
  • Limited Pressing

“In Motion” is Minako Yoshida’s 10th album and was recored live with songs selected from the albums “Twilight Zone” to “Light’n Up”.

Recorded live at Roppongi Pitt-Inn, but it was later edited by adding horn sections, which was arranged by Yasuaki Shimizu (Kakashi).

All songs are re-arranged drastically from the original recordings, and Yoshida later said in interview she intentionally selected songs that needed re-arrangement from live performances.