Minako Yoshida

Light'n Up

Release Notes
  • 1st analogue re-issue since original release
  • Hailed as a ""light mellow"" classic of city pop
  • Comes with a lyrics/credits insert and a liner notes insert
  • Single Jacket with Obi Strip
  • Remastered by original sound engineer Tamotsu Yoshida from original master
  • Cutting Engineer by Bernie Grundman
  • Pressed at Quality Record Pressing (US)
  • Limited Pressing

“Light’n Up” is Minako Yoshida’s 9th studio album in 1982. Yoshida recorded the basic tracks in Tokyo with her regular band with the addition of Hiroshi Sato on keyboard. A section of the album was also recorded in New York with the Brecker Brothers and David Sanborn.

The album is hailed as a “light mellow” classic of city pop, which is defined as medium tempo urban Japanese soul/R&B, and was re-vitalized by club DJs in the late 90’s.