Enigmatic Austin based producer/starlet Samantha Glass untangles their gorgeously twisted mind on the ambitious new full length Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint out October 12th, 2018. Since 2010, Beau Devereaux has chronicled their romantic and turbulent process of self-identification as Samantha Glass through the use of electronics, field recordings and a seductive, baritone voice. Abstract soundscapes rise and fall around addictively brooding ballads and introspective monologues as Glass deconstructs themself beneath the weight of their poetry and lyrics. Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint unveils an allure through vulnerability, elegantly depicting the endless audition of becoming Samantha Glass.

Devereaux came from rural beginnings in the vast countryside of Wisconsin before spending most of their adult life engrossed in Madison’s noise, power violence and punk DIY scenes. They sought to create a balanced form of art representative of their ever fluid sexuality and gender identity while incorporating elements of dark wave, musique concrète and New-age music. Samantha Glass evolved into an outlet for drag-based performance art mixed with drum machine, cassette loops and down-tempo crooning. Through years of touring and a prolific discography, Glass came to be known beyond the Midwest as one of the most dense and multi-layered projects amongst experimental music spheres. This exploratory essence gives Glass a broad crossover appeal as they dive into new territory with each successive release. Narrating a uniquely nuanced perspective on life and art, Glass richly crafts each composition around deeply rooted biographical and contemporary themes, making it a haunting and captivating portrayal of an elaborately creative mind.

Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint is Devereaux’s culminating effort to define Samantha Glass thus far. At times delicately wistful and intensely personal, Glass’ emotional tenor is matched by the ingenuity and creativity given to the recording process. Self produced at home, this album embraces experimentation as an elemental part of the writing process. Underwater contact mic recordings share a place alongside warm analog synthesizers as Glass consistently finds ways to incorporate fresh sounds and unorthodox methods of composition. “Putting the Male to Rest (Pt. 2)” and “From Behind Our Wings” construct lucid ambient collages out of a vague mixture of samples and live electronics, featuring an illusory feminine voice speaking on behalf of Glass.

The songs “Cruel Anxiety” and “The Carpenter in Us All” are catchy, beat-driven highlights of cathartic energy that propels the album forward with hypnotic vocals and crushing lyrics. The duality of male to female, spoken to sung and atonal to melodic that echoes throughout the albums eight tracks, allow for satisfying repeat listens and personal connections beyond the obvious aesthetics. Samantha Glass goes beyond themself to manifest a truly inspiring work of permanence. Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint surpasses the expectations of long-time fans and recruits the faith of new audiences as Glass reverently embodies an enticing blend of outsider art.