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Dallas based electronic composer Jake Schrock unleashes his smooth and refreshing ​debut album Tropical Depression, out July 27, 2018 on cassette and digital download. This polished producer conjures masterful arrangements and sound design from his expansive collection of analog synthesizers and drum machines. Schrock’s highly anticipated arrival assumes a rich, timeless aesthetic that is charismatically unbeholden to contemporary trends. The gorgeous tones and profound eloquence of Tropical Depression provide a resuscitating breath of air for the modern audience.

Born and raised in the countryside of North Texas, Schrock knew that his love for music would become a lifelong endeavor. At the age of 19, Schrock enrolled in sound recording school where he met fellow student Michael Stein, who would later become a member of electronic quartet S U R V I V
E and an Emmy award winning composer for the massively successful Stranger Things soundtrack. Schrock and Stein became instant friends and bonded over their mutual love for analog electronics while sharply honing their studio engineering and production techniques. The unmistakable charm of vintage instruments inspired Schrock’s penchant for sound design and has become the driving force behind his work.

Tropical Depression establishes a dynamic new voice out of the dense scene of Texas electronic music. Songs like “Progress” and “Hyperphysics” are confidently playful, exuding an aura of lighthearted sophistication unique to contemporary synth culture. The slick bass lines and propulsive beats of “Cerebral Shelter” and “Cosmic Ocean” have an irresistible dance-floor allure while “Pressure Change” and “Surface Data” are hypnotically saturated with lush strings and ambient vocoder swells. This delicate balance of romance and gravity throughout the seven tracks of Tropical Depression resembles the ominous view of a storm front approaching the shore of a pristine island paradise.

Jake Schrock drops an impressive debut with Tropical Depression, making an outstanding addition to the Holodeck catalog and a must have for collectors of innovative and enduring synth music.