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Sundays & Cybele

On The Grass

Release Notes
  • Pressed on black vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket

Sunday’s & Cybele (Cybele no Nichiyobi), A four piece psychedelic band formed in Hokkaido, Japan in 2004. Their name is taken from the notorious French movie. Tsubouchi is the main guy who writes all the music derived from 60’s/70’s Japanese psych rock.

‘On the Grass’ is Sundays & Cybele’s fourth full length record. Rather than a retread of the 60’s psych vibe or ethnic tones of their last LP ‘Chaos & Systems’, Tsubouchi’s signature melancholic sounds are now realized in layers of synthesizer and drone. The result finds them leaning towards progressive rock and marks the end of Neo-psychedelia. Think ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ if it were literally recorded on the moon by a group of marooned astronauts. Down tempo 70’s grooves align with spaced out tones to make ‘On the Grass’ a rewarding listen, and perhaps the best one we’ve heard from Sundays & Cybele so far.