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Limited LP edition with Lasse Färnlöf’s wonderful music to the four films “Att Angöra en Brygga (Docking the boat)”, “Troll”, “Comedy in Hägerskog”, “Rötmånad” and a unique rehearsal session with Sabu Martinez among others. On this LP, Lasse Färnlöf and his fellow musician show an incredible

In addition to the divine music, this LP contains a 12-page booklet with detailed biography of Lasse Färnlöf and about 90 unique photographs.

This LP is released in small edition (500 copies) exclusively for connoisseurs by Lasse Färnlöf, Swedish film music and Swedish jazz at its best. Besides Lasse’s music, trumpet and flugelhorn, you can enjoy Staffan Abeleen, Björn Netz, Bosse Skoglund, Göran Pettersson, Sivuca, Gals &
Pals, Bernt Rosengren, Palle Danielsson, Rune Gustafsson, Rune Carlsson, Lasse Bagge, Bertil Färnlöf, Fredrik Norén, Charlie Norman, Monica Zetterlund and many more.

In short, a must for all fans of cool Swedish jazz with magic and attitude. And, of course, for fans of Swedish film music at its best.