Your Song Is Good

Coast to Coast EP

AGS-12001 / KAKU088

Following a massive success in Japan with 2018’s Soul Time in Tokyo party, Aloha Got Soul offers its first collaboration with the independent Japanese record label Kakubarhythm for a summer-ready 12” of Hawaiian-Balaeric disco and soulful lover’s rock reggae.

At the 2017 Soul Time in Tokyo, Japanese disco-jazzska- dance band Your Song Is Good performed a strippeddown version of Babadu’s “We’re Not To Blame” with VIDEOTAPEMUSIC. For most cratediggers, Babadu’s ultra-rare 1979 Babadu! LP sits at the top of their Hawaiian soul and funk wantlist.

The A-side of this collaborative 12” release gives us “Cruise”, the Hawaiian-inspired Balearic disco jam that opens YSIG’s 2017 album, Extended.

The group takes a playful, laid back approach to Babadu’s original tune with a two-part reggae version of “We’re Not To Blame” featuring Nick Kurosawa and VIDEOTAPEMUSIC in successive covers on the B-side.

First up is young Hawaiian soul singer Nick Kurosawa, lending his incredible talent for a buttery smooth vocal version.

VIDEOTAPEMUSIC imparts his signature exotica touch to the dub version, replete with organ, melodica, and curiously tropical VHS-samples throughout the track.

Japan’s record shops sold out of the release within two weeks. AGS is able to offer its international distributions limited stock previously only available to Japan stores.