Braen & Raskovich

Afro Beat / Afro Flower

FLIES 45-04
Release Notes
  • 7’’ Limited Edition | 400 copies

Four Flies Records continues its 7” line-up with another de rigueur repechage that will have your dancefloor jump frantically up and down. Two freaky afroflavoured tracks, written by Giuliano Sorgini and his partner in musical delices Alessandro Alessandroni. Recorded during a non-specified session which may be traced back to the recording of Sorgini’s Under Pompelmo and Pawnshop’s first 7”. The sound and the ideas behind the music are exactly the same, even though there’s more rhythmic and percussive emphasis on both tracks. Two little precious gems, unreleased to this day, brought back to light and finally available for DJs and fans all over the world. Afrodelic breaks for your pleasure!