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Hayden Pedigo

Greetings From Amarillo

Release Notes
  • Limited edition second pressing on opaque light blue vinyl, includes digital download card
  • Features spoken-word collaboration with acclaimed country artist Terry Allen
  • Hayden’s latest album “Letting Go” was released earlier this year on Mexican Summer. Hayden was also the subject of the documentary “Kid Candidate”, tracking his viral run for Amarillo city council.

The 23-year-old guitarist Hayden Pedigo’s new album, Greetings From Amarillo, is “a tribute to the landscape of Amarillo, Texas and the different spaces I’ve discovered here,” he says, including not just solo guitar but also ambient synth tracks. It’s also tribute to other heroes of the Panhandle, including Terry Allen, who closes out the album with his voicemail musings.

The album’s opening title track is a desert-swept waltz in 12 ringing strings, like a clavichord in overdrive. Pedigo doesn’t stray too far from the Robbie Basho influence of the promising guitar music he made as a teenager, but his technique and sense of melody have now coalesced into something his own. “Greetings From Amarillo” blooms like a field of Texas bluebonnets swaying on the side of the highway. Over four minutes, the delicate and lilting melody dips in and out of major and minor keys, swirling sand into a dancing dust devil.