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Radiance and Submission

Release Notes
  • On clear vinyl
Radiance and Submission
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CFCF follows up the 2013 synth heavy Outside LP with the startling new album Radiance & Submission. While the soundscapes of previous works are still present on Radiance & Submission, well placed vocals and abstract drums recorded live are blended into the mix and sprinkled with vocals and subtle guitars. Opening with down tempo bass throbs and captured snatches of radio transmissions from far away places, the track slowly builds into a dreamlike new age garden of organic sounds that sets the tone for whats to come perfectly. ‘Sculptures of Sand’ drifts through the desert of sound on a lost highway of shimmering electronica, before night-time falls and the drums crawl through on ‘Tethered In Dark’ never letting the ambience mapped out lose its way. The second half of the LP starts with the heartbroken ‘The Ruined Map’ which could be an off-cut of Devendra Banhart’s finest work circa 09. ‘Blanketed In Snow A Place Returned’ brings a cold wave of colour with its starry eyed gaze before ‘Two Mirrors’ ends things with a perfect symmetry of glassy chords and tender guitars bringing to close a truly unique body of work, best enjoyed on warm evenings of solitude and wonder.