Larry Chernicoff

Gallery Of Air

Release Notes
  • Debut 1984 album by award-winning composer and vibraphonist Larry Chernicoff.
  • Re-mastered and re-pressed for the first time.
  • Ambient synthesizer / acoustic minimalist classic, treasured by vinyl collectors around the world.
  • Limited edition of 300 copies.

Self-taught composer Larry Chernicoff began writing music in the mid 1970’s for a dance troupe in Woodstock, New York, where he worked and taught at the legendary Creative Music Studio. On his 1983 debut album, Gallery of Air, he began blending improvisation with long-form compositions, minimalism, orchestral instruments, multi-layered counterpoint, the warm textures of synthesizers, and a diverse range of international sounds. Throughout Gallery of Air, his ensemble delivers both a high level of kinetic energy and moments of meditative peace, while holding your attention with completely accessible sounds.

Though Chernicoff cites several influences upon his sound – hero and teacher Don Cherry, classical Indian Alap, Indonesian gamelan, his time spent in Germany playing free jazz – Gallery of Air remains a singular work, combining elements of jazz and classical music with the international experimentation of the ’80s.

Originally released in 1984, the warm analog sound of Gallery of Air is meticulously preserved in the re-master, available on vinyl as a collaboration between Incidental Music and Chernicoff’s own Windy Planet Music.