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Peter King

Miliki Sound

Release Notes
  • UK Import
  • Miliki Sound is part of a series of Peter King reissues on Mr. Bongoʼ s Classic African Recordings series.
  • The LP features fully reproduced original artwork. Produced on heavyweight, old-style packaging, the same as the original LP with original label art. Also available on CD.
  • Official Mr Bongo reissue.
Miliki Sound
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Miliki Sound
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Miliki Sound
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Originally released in 1975 via Sonny Robertsʼ Orbitone label, Miliki Sound is an album by Peter King, Nigeriaʼs most talented multi-instrumentalist, highlighting his unique blend of Afrobeat, Highlife, jazz and funk. As King remarked in later life Miliki Sound was his attempt to escape being tied down following a string of albums for the label by delving into his own Afrojazz fusion. Making little impact in his homeland, the album was particularly well received in America and Europe, increasing Kingʼs popularity.

As with his other releases from the same period, Miliki Sound was entirely composed, written and arranged by King. Upbeat and funky the albumʼs six tracks feature plenty of impressive displays of Kingʼs saxophone skills, the instrument for which he was perhaps best known, alongside a talent for arrangement that plays the funk of the groove against the accompanying instruments and Nigerian chants. You only need to listen to Jo Jolo, Ijo Olomo or Gyinmi Komo to see why Kingʼs Afrojazz approach, a blend of modern jazz with highlife as the basis, has proven so popular and continues to endure for over three decades.