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Mora Tuga

Release Notes
  • First-ever vinyl solo album by Monster Rally collaborator
  • Original artwork and illustration by Rumtum
  • Mastered for vinyl by Catadawn Studios in Denver, CO

Producer John Hastings has always had a mind that was prone to wander. Before he moved to Denver and took the name Rumtum, the Ohio native used to sit in the back of his Algebra class, doodling in a notebook. He was sketching out a land he called Mora Tuga. “It was all about characters with space suits and all this gear, they would explore these new lands, take soil samples, find new things they could study, and figure out how to help themselves. But there were also bad creatures.” Within Mora Tuga, Rumtum creates an experience of deep textured beats relying on himself as the sample source. Singing haunting chants and playing woodwinds, percussion, guitars and synthesizers, he layers sounds that conjure a sort of fog that lingers somewhere off in the distance. Welcome to the rainforest on another planet, where beautifully emotive electronic compositions head-knod as easy as they thought provoke. Much like his print making and illustration work, Rumtum’s music can be revisited again and again to find new moments of interest and inspiration.