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Kan Mikami


Release Notes

・Rare cult classic by the avant-garde folk titan
・Backed by free jazz legends The Yosuke Yamashita Trio
・Includes early use of sampling within an experimental sound collage
・Deluxe gatefold jacket with obi
・Analogue reissue cut by renowned mastering engineer Tohru Kotetsu (JVC Mastering Center)

Avant-folk singer-songwriter Mikami has been a legend in Japan’s underground music scene for almost five decades. With his inimitable singing style that can veer from an emotional whisper to a gut-wrenching shriek all within the same phrase, Mikami’s music can be challenging for some, but never less than thrilling. On BANG!, featuring cover art by noted illustrator and frequent Mikami collaborator Toshio Saeki, the equally fierce free-jazz combo The Yosuke Yamashita Trio acts as his sympathetic backing band, providing just the right balance of groove and beautiful cacophony.