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Yoshio Hayakawa

Kakkoii Koto wa Nante Kakkowaruin Darou

Release Notes

・The stripped down solo album by former Jacks leader and director of URC’s Tokyo operations
・Featuring the popular song “Salvia No Hana”
・Voted 3rd best Japanese rock album of 1969 by New Music Magazine
・Analogue reissue cut by renowned mastering engineer Tohru Kotetsu (JVC Mastering Center)

As the leader of the incomparable psychedelic cult heroes the Jacks, Hayakawa was revered for his bringing a nihilistic outsider’s perspective to the increasingly lightweight and commercial rock scene of late ‘60s Japan. With Hayakawa’s passionate singing and his band’s exploratory but tight psychedelia, Jacks were regarded as the first underground rock band in Japan, despite being signed to a major label. After the band’s demise, Hayakawa because the director of the Osaka-based URC’s Tokyo operations, and recorded a solo album of his own for the label in 1969. Stripped down to a barely-there instrumentation of just an acoustic guitar or piano for the most part, the album featured his acclaimed song “Salvia No Hana,” which has subsequently been covered by a countless number of artists.