Arnold Glenn Dailey arrived in Washington, DC by way of Norfolk, VA, founding his first vocal group when he was 19. From there, he learned how to play the guitar, and when 1980s DC struggled with a boom in the illegal drug trade, Dailey turned to his music as therapy — teaching himself how to play nearly every other type of instrument. When it came time to develop his own album, “Is This Love?”, he pulled from his multi-instrumentalist background and built most of the tracks by simply overdubbing himself. It’s an engrossing synth-filled journey into the soul of the man who meticulously designed a foundation of love and inspiration to drown out the problems surrounding him. Anyone with an appreciation for positive energy, uplifting modern soul, or love vibes, will more than likely discover that this LP fills a hole in their heart they didn’t even know was there. The title track will certainly satisfy any daytime DJ need, and “Keep The Faith” is ready-made for late night playlists.