Austin based pop artist Lou Rebecca makes a captivating debut with her stellar self-titled 12” ep. Born and raised in Paris, Lou’s music is delicately delivered in both English and her native French with a natural grace and unmistakable charm. Lou’s approach to songwriting and performance is riveting from start to finish and has been a huge presence in the dense local synth scene for several years. Now her unique brand of electronic pop has officially arrived, polished and teeming with personality.

Lou Rebecca has mastered the art of sophistication in pop music. With a background in piano and guitar, Lou not only writes her own songs and performs many of the instruments on her record, she also takes full control of every aspect of her persona including choreography and directing her own music videos. As her ep ranges from dance anthems to tender ballads, Lou continues to maintain a sense of genuine aesthetic. Rebecca is well versed in the complex history of pop music and thus has a timeless quality to her work. With her soft and charismatic voice, Lou’s songs are instantly endearing and go beyond the basic tropes of the archetypical pop crooner.

“If You Can” is an intoxicatingly catchy song, revealing Lou’s flirtatious side while flaunting her smooth analog synth work. Lou occupies the point of harmony between accessibility and technique, meticulously designing each piece with a unique emotional and conceptual palate. The first single “Fantôme” is wistful and cinematic, emphasizing dreamy melodies that subconsciously linger and echo long after the initial listen. Rebecca’s self-titled ep insists on multiple revisits, making it a remarkably immersive and compelling introduction to Lou as an artist.

Elegantly announcing her arrival, Lou Rebecca truly explodes onto the radar of the music world. Lou’s ep foreshadows a brilliant future of inspiring music from this budding talent.