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Henry Jackman

Uncharted: Lost Legacy (Original Soundtrack)

Release Notes
  • 2xLP pressed on 180-gram Colored ‘Iris Effect’ Vinyl
  • Music by Henry Jackman & album art by Marc Aspinall
Uncharted: Lost Legacy (Original Soundtrack)
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Uncharted: Lost Legacy (Original Soundtrack)
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There’s nothing quite like the orchestral swell of high adventure – a cadence that composer Henry Jackman continues to evolve in his follow-up to the masterful score for Uncharted 4. In The Lost Legacy, we experience the triumphant themes of Chloe and Nadine as they careen along mountain passes in India’s Western Ghats and scavenge the ruins of the Hoysala Empire. These regional musical influences are interwoven with stings of mystical wonder, creating cues that reveals themselves as our intrepid heroes edge closer to unearthing the ancient Tusk of Ganesh.