Austin based multi-instrumentalist Michael C. Sharp makes his solo Holodeck debut with his new cassette Never Enough Time. Sharp is best known to Holodeck fans as one of the creative forces behind psych/kosmische collective Sungod, however Michael plays in a prolific list of other music projects as well. Michael C. Sharp as a self-titled solo musician is a classic mix of effects driven ambient tones, analog sequences and layers of echo drenched guitar leads. His semi free form style of song building gives each piece a structural anchor while allowing plenty of room for his technical musicianship to shine.

Sharp’s background is rooted in percussion, with countless stints as the drummer for various ensembles; his skills are in constant high demand. Early on, Sharp honed his drumming in punk and hardcore bands before branching out into other instruments and genres. Sharp’s tastes are selective and well-rounded with an extensive personal collection of jazz, electronic and all things avant-garde. Sungod is his long time outlet to explore techniques from influences like Sun Ra, John Fahey, and Manuel Göttsching. After years of work with full band formats and a long discography with Sungod, Sharp started informally recording solo material and passing around demo tapes to friends. Not surprisingly, Michael C. Sharp quickly blossomed into a new and official project.

On Never Enough Time, Sharp forgoes percussion in favor of expressing rhythm through repetition and melody. His process of live looping builds each composition one element at a time, playing to and around himself with delay times pacing every note. Sequenced vintage synthesizers on “Well-Being” run alongside swirling guitars riffs, harmonizing one another with cooperative grace. On “Tape Dichotomy 2” waves of sound organically cascade over each other before slowly receding to unveil a blissful and luscious chord progression. Sharp’s ubiquitous use of abstract swells adds an underlying texture and depth to Never Enough Time’s already dense landscape.

Fans of Sungod will enjoy Michael C. Sharp’s venture into the solo realm. His sophistication and expert delivery make Never Enough Time a perfect edition to the Holodeck catalog.