The Foot Steps

Release Notes
  • Zamrock at it’s finest!
  • LP limited to 500 copies & housed in s tip-on jacket

The Foot Steps was the brainchild of legendary producer Billie Nyati, and the second and final album from Blackfoot. An essential Zamrock document and among the genre’s finest achievements. Plenty of incredible songs on here, including ‘Lonely Highway", “Send Me The Flowers”, “Mwe Bafyahi”, “When I Needed You” and many more. Taken from the original master reels, this is from our ZMPL LEGACY SERIES, a partnership with Zambia Music Parlour that will celebrate the most prolific label in Zambia. Limited to 500 copies and housed in tip on covers. Be sure to check out the free, downloadable 30 page PDF booklet on our website, along with the short documentary on Youtube and our site about Blackfoot including interviews with Zambia Music Parlour’s Billie Nyati, and Blackfoot’s Alfred Yabe.