Lallo Gori

Werewolf Woman (Original Score)

Release Notes
  • Pressed on 180gm RED WAX

WEREWOLF WOMAN (original title LA LUPA MANNA) is a 1976 Italian exploitation sleazefest with the emphasis on sex and violence. A beautiful young woman channels an ancient family lycanthropy curse into her hatred of men stemmed from horrific abuse at a young age. She finds, seduces, and rips out the throats of all suitors she stumbles across. It’s the kind of film that could (only?) be made by Italian’s in the ’70s with serious story undertones giving way to ever more blatant sex, nudity and blood. The score by Coriolano “Lallo” Gori is absolutely wild and we can’t believe it isn’t more well-known than it is. Propulsive percussion, theremins, mono synths, funk and jazz collide to create an incredibly captivating listen. Wild synths bubbling over skittering jazz drums is thrilling enough, but Gori intersperses some beautiful mellow themes throughout to temper the madness.