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Charles Bernstein

Cujo: Music from the Motion Picture

Release Notes
  • Limited to 1,000 LPs on Black & Brown “St. Bernard” Vinyl
  • Includes New (and Terrifying) Cover Art Plus Production Stills

Starring Dee Wallace and Daniel Hugh-Kelly with Lewis Teague Directing, the 1983 Film Cujo Remains One of the Most Satisfying Adaptations of Stephen King’s Work.

The Film Alternated Bucolic Visions of Family Country Life with Scenes of Utter Terror.

Charles Bernstein’s Film Score Was a Huge Part of the Film’s Success, Employing Harsh Synthesizer Effects and Dissonant Orchestral Layers to Create Suspense Leading Up the Final Confrontation Between Mom and Beast. But Bernstein’s Score Also Included a Tender Theme Evoking the Simple Joys of Hearth and Home . Unfortunately, the Score Was Chopped Up During Post-Production.

Intrada’s Recent CD Release Presented Bernstein’s Score for the First Time as It Was Originally Recorded, and Is the Source for Real Gone Music’s First-Ever Vinyl Release.