The Wilderness Within

Release Notes
  • Color and Black Variants

Khu.éex’ is an experimental Native American collective. Rock, Jazz and Funk stylings are the backdrop for traditional Tlingit language and songs, as well as storytelling and spoken word poetry. Featuring Bernie Worrell, Skerik, Stanton Moore, Preston Singletary, Captain Raab, Clarissa Rizal, Gene Tagaban, Om Johari, Nahaan and Indrayani Ananda

The first official release of Khu.éex’. I met Bernie Worrell in the Summer of 2013 when I paid into a Kickstarter project Bernie had for financing a tour bus for his then band Bernie Worrell Orchestra. I welcomed him and the band by singing a traditional Tlingit song. He synthesized the melody into a spontaneous composition for several minutes. A concept was born. We forged a friendship and made music 4 separate sessions. Most of the basic concepts were spontaneous creations. We then overlaid horns and additional music tracks. We mourn the loss of Bernie Worrell and Clarissa Rizal both of whom passed away last year. This music is a testament to their legacies as musicians and artists. This was both of their final collaborative music projects.